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The words “You” and “Customer” and “Yours,” the person logging on this website and agreeing with the words and conditions of the Company, shall relate to the following terms and conditions. Our corporation refers to our business, “the corporation,” “our” and “our” and “us.” ‘Parties’ means both the Customer and us. “Gang” means “Pars” or “Us.”

Both requirements apply to the request, acceptation and consideration of payments needed to conduct the operation of customer care in order to satisfy the customer’s needs, in line with and subject to the predominant laws of the Netherlands, with regard to the provision of the company’s specified service. Every usage of a single, plural, capitalization and / or they of the aforementioned vocabulary or other phrases, is considered to be synonymous, and accordingly to be referred.


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Many interactive websites use cookies to allow them to collect information about the user with each session. Our website uses cookies to make it easy for users to access our website for unique fields of operate. Cookies can also be used by some of our members / advertising partners.


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You don’t have to:

  • Reproduce knowledge from the mountains
  • Sale, lease, sub-licensing materials
  • Reproduction, reproduction or copying of Waytomountains
  • Redistribute material from mountain ranges

The date hereof is the commencement of this Arrangement.

Part of this website allows users the chance, inside some parts of the website, to post and share views and results. Waytomountains do not philtre, delete or check comments before appearing on the web site. Feedback before being present. Posts do not constitute Waytomountains, its members and/or their associates’ views and opinions. Comments represent the views and viewpoints of the person who gives their views.

As long as the legislation allows, waytomountains shall not be responsible for any statement or responsibility, penalties or costs incurred and/or borne as a result of the use or publishing of the Comments on this page.

Waytomountains retains the right to track all comments and delete any statements that could be found unacceptable, insulting or incriminating.

You reflect and warrant:

  • You are allowed, and have the required licences and consents, to publish the Comments on our Website;
  • The remarks do not impair any copyright, patent, or trademark of a third party without any limitation;
  • No defamatory, reproachful, abusive, obscene or other unlawful breach of privacy shall be included in the comments
  • The Comments would not be used for demanding or encouraging economic or customary practises or for criminal practises.

You hereby issue a non-exclusive licence for waytomountains to use, reproduce, update, and allow others in any form, format or in the media to use, reproduce and update any of your comment.

Hyperlinking on our Content

Without prior written permission, the following entities will link to our website:

  • Agencies of government;
  • Engines for search;
  • News agencies;
  • Online directors will bind to our website in the same way as hyperlinks to other companies listed on the websites; and
  • Except for non-profit organisations, nonprofits shopping centres and charitable associations that do not hype connexion with our website, Company Wide Certified businesses.

These organisations or connect to our homepage, to publications or other site information so long as it is related: (a) is not misleading in any way; (b) does not misrepresent the linking group, its goods and/or services, to its support, agreement or consent; and (c) fits in within the context of the linked site of the linked parties.

Other connexion requirement by the following forms of entities may be reviewed and approved:

  • commonly recognised sources of intelligence for customers and/or businesses;
  • group portals dot.com;
  • Associations or other social groups;
  • Distributors of web directories;
  • Internet portals;
  • Companies with tax, compliance and consultancy services;
  • Trade and educational institutions.

If we conclude that: (a) the connexion would not make us look unfavourably against ourselves or our certified businesses; (b) the company has no derogatory experience with us; (c) the gain for us from hyperlink exposure compensates for the lack of a waytomountains; and (d) the ties are in general information services.

These organisations may connect to our website provided that the connect is established: (a) not in any way misleading; (b) not improperly support or authorise the linking party and its goods or services; and (c) suits into the sense of the linking party ‘s website.

You must contact us by emailing the waytomountains if you are one of the organisations mentioned above and are interested in connecting to our website. Include your name, the name of your organisation, the contact details and the URL of your domain, a list of any URLs that you want to add to our domain, and a list of the URLs of our site you want to link to. Wait for a reply for two or three weeks.

Accredited entities can use the following link to our website:

  • Using our company name;
  • By using the standardised locator of resources;
  • By using some other definition of our website linked with it, the content of this link is relevant in the context and structure of the content.

For non-trademark licencing arrangement, no use of the logo of waytomountains or any art work shall be permitted.


You can not build frames across our website that affect the visual presentation or design of our site in any way without proper authorisation or written consent.

Liability for Content

For any material that appears on your website, we shall not be liable. You promise to defend us against any allegations that exist on your website. No link(s) may appear on any website which is vulnerable to being, or is otherwise infringing, infringing, infringing or promoting the offence any other violation of, any third party rights.

Freedom Reservation 

We reserve the right to order that all connexions or access to our website be deleted. Upon request, all connexions to our website may be deleted instantly. We therefore reserve the right to make those terms and conditions aware and at any time connexion protocol. You consent to be responsible to comply with these terms and conditions by continually connecting to our website.